Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Living Clay

Is all clay the same? It isn't. All clays are differentand the type is determined by the configuration of a clay's trace minerals. Most clays are for industrial use and are not a pure quality fit for internal use. Here's some general guidelines to follow:

* A natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, pure and free of containments
* A clay with an 8.5 or higher pH
* An analysis of the clay minerals available from the manufacturer
* Microbial laboratory test results
* A tasteless/odorless clays
* A Smectite/Montmorillonite Clay
* An all-natural vs. processed clay
* A clay that both adsorbs and absorbs
* A clay that is non-gritty, milled at least to a 325 screen mesh
* A clay from a vein or deposit that is protected from the elements
* A clay that does not stain material

The Calcium Bentonite Clay I use is a Living Clay product. A green Montmorillonite-Smedite is the source for the Living Clay's natural Calcium Bentonite Clay. Living Clay uses volcanic ash rich in trace minerals as a powerful detoxifying agent of stimulation, transformation, and transmission of energy that assists cellular revitalization. This clay is mined from a sub-surface vein that lies beneath a layer of crystalline zeolite that's been protected from the elements for over 43 million years, resulting in a clay of unmatched purity. 

Some fast facts on Living Clay are:

* Fine 325 Screen Mesh makes it superior for mixing and blending
* Has a pH of 9.7 and ability to alkaline
* Has homeostatic mechanisms that help balance the system, which are essential for good health
* Strong negative ionic charge allows it to adsorb and absorb metals and environmental toxins
* Draws 32 times its molecular weight
* Stimulates circulation and cellular revitalization
* An antioxidant that binds free radicals
* Odorless and tasteless
* FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe)
* Purity is guaranteed by strict quality control processes and independent laboratory tests for purity and        

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